Afraid of the Light

If we desire to live life in a more authentic way what is it that we need to realize ? Possibly that the way that we have been taught to live our lives has resulted in a conditioning that blocks us from knowing ourselves fully. In not knowing ourselves and what we are naturally a part of, and inseparable from, we inevitably pursue life from a fragmented and isolated awareness that contributes collectively to the perpetuation of a global destructiveness.

We have to go on our own journey, in order to come to a personal realization. That journey may take us through suffering, difficulties, and doubts of all kinds, but they will become our greatest teachers. Through them we will learn the humility to recognize our limitations, and through them we will discover the inner strength and fearlessness we need to emerge from our old habits and set patterns, and surrender into the vaster vision of real freedom offered by the spiritual teachings.

I have borrowed here from James Hollis’s book “Dispelling the Ghosts Who Run Our Lives”. He quotes Henry Ibsen.
“But I’m inclined to think that we’re all ghosts . . . it’s not only the things that we’ve inherited from our fathers and mothers that live on in us, but all sorts of old dead ideas and old dead beliefs, and things of that sort. They’re not actually alive in us, but they’re rooted there all the same, and we can’t rid ourselves of them. I’ve only to pick up a newspaper, and when I read it I seem to see ghosts gliding between the lines. I should think there must be ghosts all over the country— as countless as grains of sand. And we are, all of us, so pitifully afraid of the light.”

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