Why Openness

It seems to take some courage to enter into openness. To let go of what I think that I know, what gives me comfort and security and what is familiar regardless of the truth of it leaves me with a sense of being vulnerable. But what I rigidly cling to blocks me from openly investigating what is. My beliefs and fixed perceptions about myself serve to limit and confine my experience of what  I aam and how I interact in the world.  In openness something more insightful might be discovered that previously lay hidden, but to grasp on to that, as we habitually tend to do, creates a barrier. I see as well how it can serve in the same  way of limiting our experience to linger in institutions, structured ways of seeing and holding rigidly and blindly to opinions, beliefs and positions. They all seem to impede entry into openness.

Why is openness a good place to be? Almaas suggests that openness allows us to experience the “manifestations of being in order that Being may unfold and express itself and disclose its further possibilities.” It is not the self that we have been conditioned to know and relate from, cloaked in its rigid identification and clinging that is growing and expanding as we are taught to believe. It is not in becoming more of that, but in looking beyond all that has become static that we unfold as Almaas suggests. It is seeing and being from an open place beyond our fixation that we realize that we are more than we have come to know ourselves to be. From here we no longer take refuge in conventional existence. We find sustenance in a life energy unveiled.

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