How Should I Love

How is it that I should I be more secure in my ability to love

Is it to Search out and wrap myself in some belief about the goodness and strength of my self and the power of my love.

And follow some way that should be proof of my love
In a way such a belief  is more of a distraction from love itself
In believing in this way I would see the world more through that fixation
And It would not be a part of all that is of the world of being vulnerable, impermanent and unknowable.

What I am is of that and it is inseparable from love. In knowing my self snd the aloneness and vulnerability that it has known I know love as it emerges from this wholeness.

in striving for permanence and something definite and definable we are looking for pieces of something that can not be reduced. It is more of that which is unchanging and irreducible and it is more that love is of an essence that is discovered partly in the realization that the world is this way and from that related awareness that what is cherished in this moment is all that there is.
I trust more these days in a way that is more of the heart  than this quality of belief and defining  in  and
From all this I understand that If I am inevitably to lose something that I have come to cherish
And if it is love that i have truly known it will help me to come to acceptance and openness and from that to an awareness that the love that I have once  known has become in an ineffable  way a part of me.
I see no need to define and refine love only to  experience what  Is authentic of  what I am

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