What Do I Know

Through inquiry we move from knowledge to mystery. In coming to realize the mystery the truth of being is revealed to us. In being we realize how little we know. Life is a mystery and what we seek to realize is ineffable so  what good does it do to attempt to communicate to another our experience of not knowing.
I don’t know, but communicating in the form of languages is what people do. If we understand that the form of language and words does not directly reveal the truth as we have been conditioned to believe that it does than we can come to use it more as a tool in our search, ultimately to discover for ourselves the mystery of it all. There is a different kind of knowing and relating to life from that, but don’t take my word for it. There is something in that discovering for ourselves that brings us to a deeper connection with the universe. Maybe it is that we have believed too much in what has been told to us or what has been written and conveyed as truth in the form of knowledge and that there is liberation in coming to a more direct experience of life than we have known in our conditioning. Language is useful as a tool if we realize the limitations of it. For me it has served best in pointing to something that I can explore and experience directly for myself.

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