Unconditioned Awareness

What else should we attend to? We have all been conditioned and have egos that reflect that limited reality. Despite that most of us desire to understand a deeper truth and reality of what we are. The human collective reflects this ego consciousness present in individuals in a way that the world that we have created is ordered to that collective world view. There is a part of me that would like to contribute to creating a different world deeper than egoistic concerns are able and a part that has actively attempted to change things in life to better suit my own preferneces; a difficult balance that requires astute  maintainance.  However this has been the case I am coming to realize that I can’t make a square peg fit into a round hole. I ultimately don’t think that anything I might do or that any one else should do would be able to create the changes that my ego desires. If it were possible it wouldnt occur without consequences, possibly creating disruption elsewhere.
Ultimately I am beginning to understand that it is only in our conditioning that we feel the need to turn ourselves into a round peg or to change the world so that should be a better fit for our unique identity. In awareness I turn more to a hope and to a faith that arises out of an unconditioned awareness and to honouring what it is of my consciousness that arises from my essence that guides me beyond the need to know. We are not what we have come to be conditioned to think that we are.

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