Moon Rising

There’s a moon rising slowly through the trees

That moon is shining bright upon my feet

And tonight it brings a yearning that I might see

In my search for truth it will end that I am free

Now I’m standing in the wake of sixty  years

And from that prison of a life I have broken clear

And I’m praying that my memories won’t keep me here

I want to live like a wanderer with holes in his boots

I want to climb like a child in a tree

I want to love like the man with nothing to lose

I want to die with my heart on my sleeve

I’ll forget about the things that I have done

I’ll forget about the years out on the run

And dream of all that I’ve ever loved

Cause I know I was not the only selfish man

But one who,s realized the blood that’s on his hands

And tonight I’m gonna find a second chance

Now that the moon has risen straight across the sky

I will walk upon the land that I  call home

And I’ll sing my song each day as I get old

–  The Influence of Peter Bradley Adams

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