Getting in the Way

It seems that we are conditioned to pursue happiness. Everything about our way of life has become about striving to find a better place for ourselves. I am not convinced that the happiness that we are searching for is real in our conceptualization of it. We think about uplifting, stress free experiences and imagine that we can have this experience in an ongoing way through the accumulation of various things and achievements that we envision to be happiness producing. But our lives are in fact obsessively focused on striving and plotting how we might go about reaching our goals. We never seem to come to realize that life has become about striving. We generally think and believe that this is common sense living. We often never seem to become aware of what it is about us that blocks us from a deeper reality of being and self and connection.

We often take this conditioned way to our spiritual  pursuits. Many involved in religions and spiritual groups continue this way of striving emphasising what they one day will become. It takes a big dose of self realisation and acceptance to wake up to what we truly are and only in this can we begin to experience a more direct realisation of what the joy of life might be. It is a less fragmented notion of self and thinking, that is projected from that , we come to experience in letting go of our old way. We have to  first begin to learn to be in the world without the armour of old conditioning but in coming to do this we somehow come to find a strange, never before experienced, contentment in the difficult times as well as the more intimate and connected moments.

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