Truth, Belief and Knowledge

I like to meditate with others and to connect and explore with them. While I am here in Canada I sit with three different groups throughout the week. Over  the years wherever I have been at the time I would sit with groups of mediators that were specific to that country. Often I am told that you should pick a way and stick with it. Maybe this is helpful for a time but in the long run I am coming to see that there are limitations to this way.

I have often noticed how people in these groups more often than not make their belief systems their lived reality and that they shape their own personal experience of the world to reflect that belief and how believers surround themselves with other believers and from that how everything in their environment reinforces their beliefs. Often in these groups  wisdom is determined as a matter of the hierarchical structure and that there is a lack of an objective recognition of insight outside of that. I question the rigidity in the structure that does not easily allow for change. I question how people come to believe; how they can come to believe something with all of their heart and how it becomes difficult to be moved from that belief despite contradictory information or experience. And how belief can be perceived to be knowledge? I have many questions about belief, truth and knowledge. If I believe with all my heart and mind in reincarnation or any other belief does that make it true? Are truth and belief equivalent? Are truth and knowledge equivalent?

In my own reflection knowledge often has more to do with memory, a recalling of past information that has been read, told or experienced in some way. Belief I suspect can have numerous influences often connected to memory and knowledge.

Truth is something experienced more from ones own direct experience, not necessarily amendable to language or words and from an opening and inviting all dimensions of experience. In efforts to express truth in the form of art, poetry and words something of its essence is possible to be passed on. It is not something fixed in time and space but rather  experienced in presence.

Maybe we come to see with  more openness,  not in an effort to know, become and /or belong but in unbecoming all that isn’t us  so that we  can be what we were meant to  be in the first place. Maybe this is  where we are best able to have a relationship with truth.

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