More Than a Contorted Human

The thing that I love the most about being back in Canada is the closeness to nature. It is of the quality which has been left to itself generally free of human trespass. Nature free of human interference touches something deep within, possibly my own unaltered nature. But with the ever-increasing population and human intrusion into nature, how will we continue to leave it as it was intended to be. How do we cope as well with the human intrusion and manipulation into what it is to be a “human being”. It seems that we are as well a part of that which is losing touch with its nature.

I purchased a kayak last week. It is a natural addition to my home here at Kawartha Trails Resort which is situated in between the Darling Wildlife Reserve and Squirrel Creek Conservation area. It is walking distance between the parameters of both and the resort where I live is in between them. The river is totally navigable between Rice Lake and Peterborough with many natural areas lining its banks.

I went for a paddle today on Rice Lake with my friend Dennis, taking the Indian River up from Keene. Dennis was born in Arkansas, USA. He is a recovering Vietnam veteran who spent twenty-eight years living in the Alaskan highlands an extremely wild and natural area. He too has a love for nature. Over the years we have hiked, camped, drank coffee and kayak`d together. He has much the same disposition as myself and we seem to get by in a very natural way. We both settle into nature and enjoy the soothing benefits of that connection.

Being in a kayak is a form of meditation for me, much the same as I experience walking in nature. There is something about that connection that “lifts the edge” , a consequence that comes with the living of our modern civilized way of life. Maybe the truth is more that it is not so civilized as we perceive it to be. Possibly, it is a projection of something of being human which is no longer so natural, some limited expression of what we have become; of our limited way of thinking. Self fixation, greed and brutality seem to be some of the other aspects of our fragmented collective thinking. In that contortion of the human being, we are unrecognizable as something that arose and evolved from nature. Maybe we do resemble some of the more primitive beings and aspects of survival that are a part of them. But we have not seemed to transcended these animal ways, as we believe ourselves to have done despite the fact that many individuals today still believe, that it absurd to think that we have evolved from other primate forms. But in many ways we share deeply with them many characteristics, including their struggle for survival.

It seems to me that if we are to save our planet, we must come to trust again in something of our essence which is ultimately obscured by our conditioned thinking. There is something more natural that unfolds and evolves  from this  essence. Being close to nature reminds me of what I have been connected to in my origins. But to thrive collectively we must somehow come to remember and be a part of that natural essence.

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