What Should I Follow

I am more oriented to questioning life and things, in and of it, than I have ever before been. I question others perception of me and of others and most everything else. What this involves for me is to examine most anything by means of posing a deep question that is not completely amendable to a total cognitive response. Mindfulness aids in this process and in coming to the realisation that much of what we think that we know life to be is beyond our ability to know. I have come to value this way of inquiry and wherever that should lead me and I am content to move on and to abide in aloneness if I am called to follow this way in life even if it should mean that I must let go of things, people and places that I have once been affectionately a part of. Ultimately we are not as separated as we have come to know ourselves to be anyway. And the openness and honesty that are involved in this are always a foundation for intimacy and connection in our relations with ourself and others.

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