No Reference

These days I struggle with individuals and groups that seem to need a paradigm as a reference point by which they can determine their way In life. They seem to see value or not according to those related references and communication and relation is filtered through this. But the world has come to this reality that we have lost touch with an inherent wisdom about life. Frequently the truth is hidden or not seen or is distorted, by our positions, beliefs and identifications.Our conditioning that takes us away from the truth begins early in life, so it seems as well that in this reality that humankind has created, it is a challenge to see what is inherently true.

It is not that I know better but more that I desire to see through the fog to find out what is actually happening and it is rather that there is something of another essence that is tweaked in letting go of what I have come to  be conditioned to be. Questioning and inquiring into assertions of truth can be helpful in this. Maybe living life authentically involves a quality of realizing that there is liberation in questioning all references and paradigms or at least in examining and/or realizing the limitations and relativity of them. A H Almaas writes that our reality inherently possesses not only awareness but a discrimination, a faculty that discerns what is encompassed in that awareness. In inherent being and the consciousness that is inseparable from it we have the capacity to discern relative truth from absolute truth.

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