Self  Perfection is not Discovered in Inquiry

Its our nature to search, but what are we searching for and is there an end to the searching? Do we reach a point where we realize the answers and  our questioning ends? I am unconvinced of systems or individuals that claim to have the answers. Inquiry; it seems to me involves that we ask questions without expecting answers, realizing the limitation of our ability and what we desire to know and become. The answers do not come in our more conventional understanding of knowing. It is more in coming to accept our humanity and in being human and in realizing the vulnerability and other limitations that come with it. It is in an ineffable truth filled seeing and being that we can discover the compassion and love that is our nature.
There are no ultimate answers. Life and love are a mystery that we can all access in moving beyond our righteousness and our tendency to want to define and know to the point that we cannot settle for truth that is unknowable. What else can we ultimately do but  open to what is and  what arises and to acknowledge the truth of where we are and what our experience is and hope that we are ready to unfold as a being inseparable from the universe. To do that involves seeing our tendency toward  limited, separated identification with life and seeing how that blocks us. It is a sort of getting out-of-the-way of our authentic being and allowing it to takes us where it will.

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