Change, Adjustment and Being

I am settling into my third week here in Canada after being away for seven months. There has been adjustment involved. In Germany where I live I have had limited communication with individuals. Here the opportunity for intimate sharing is greatly increased and I have had an outpouring in terms of interaction and discussion with others in the these weeks.
In the last ten years I have traveled extensively to many countries. I have flown on over 150 planes and many taxis, buses, trams and trains and slept in so many different beds. There always seems to be adjustment involved and I am comfortable with that.
It seems to me that if we are authentically connected to ourselves and to the world we are in there is always adjustment involved. We are not static creatures. Change is always a part of our experience. We are always affected by the environment we are in and our own being, attachments snd where we are at in our openness and unfolding. We can negotiate that in presence/awareness and we can come to witness how we are in this experience,but to think that we can enter into a place of enlightened compassion and love where we can cope indifferent to all that is occurring in the world around us is unrealistic. New situations can serve as probes in bringing old habits and patterns to the light. In openess we can move towards a greater sensitivity to ourselves and to our environment and to an authentic awareness of our vulnerability. In no way do I ever feel that I have attained mastery over how I live. It is more of a getting out of the way allowing for a flowing along with what is. If I am not flowing in presence I find myself in suffering.

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