The River of Life

I love life and coming to trust in my own revelations, intuitions and realisation that I am best able to explore what is authentic and truthful from my own direct experience has contributed to that greatly. To some degree I have had to rebel against conventional assertions that encourage a reliance on more external resources to do this. Paying attention to what is authentic within involves being open to hearing others and learning from that as well but when I encounter static assertions from another there is something of my rebellious way that resists and desires to unravel that, together with the other if possible, and if that is not possible than to go around it as a river flows around a boulder within it.  At the same time aware that there is an aspect of that boulder that is of the river however slowly it is being eroded by the flow of the river.
At times I can be that rock in the river.

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Author: Gord Clements

I find some satisfaction in the act of attempting to express my experience of life through painting, writing, language and other art forms. I have been painting for over thirty five years and combine my love of art with a meditative and contemplative way of life. I have an intuitive sense that true creativity is something that arises from beyond and through Qthe self that can be explored and shared through some form of expression although I always hope to open to the influence of that which is beyond my limited sense of self.

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