No End to Inquiry in The Search for Truth about the Mystery

Most of us ask questions about  life. It seems to be a quality of human nature that we do this. Asking a question usually involves an assumption that we do not know.  In asking the question ” What is the mystery of life”,  I know that there is a mystery. I can determine  an infinite amount of facts about  that but these facts are in themselves inadequate in capturing the essence of the mystery. It is the nature of our consciousness that we search for and discover these facts, although despite this the mystery remains unknowable.

Another way to say thus is that we do know that life is a mystery and that through the collection of infinite facts it is infinitely knowable although it can not be known totally and finally. Ultimately the search is never-ending. This is the nature of living fully, or being, that we are engaged in an exhilarating inexhaustible  search of the mystery.

We fall from this place when our minds are full in believing that we know. In the embracing of a blind faith or idealistic belief system where the answers are provided for us And thus can serve to separate us from our nature in this way as well.

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