Inquiry into the Unknowable

Life is a mystery. I live to inquire and in that I am opening to what I don’t know and if I am open to seeing than I am more open to becoming aware of what I do not know . To live in a box is limiting and  that’s what we have been conditioned to do. We  create our own personal boxes out of belief and fixed notions. To search in a way that has expectations is to miss the beauty, mystery and wonder of life unfolding.

There is something of us that desires the security and comfort of belief,  believing that we know. But we can not know  most of what we desire to know. We can  only  know what we have  cognitive capacity to know. and we can not have the security that we desire. All effort to convince ourselves otherwise blocks what may come to us in openness. And in this way ignorance prevails. In being we open to what is however ineffable it should be and we unfold in an authentic way from the essence of that. A H Almaas writes that ” We experience our essence when we are simply being , instead of reacting or conceptualizing our experience or ourselves.”

We have evolved the ability to communicate with each other through concepts but  when we are dependent on conceptualizing in living and understanding life we abandon “being”. We can bring “being” to our communication when we are aware of the ” limitations of thought” and from that our experience of being can influence our communication. We reflect our experience which is in essence ineffable through language and concepts which are limited. When we bring awareness to this process than we are aware of the advantages and limitations of concepts. I cant help but think that there is a benefit for communication and a language constructed of words that reflects that experience however not in as a pursuit of absolute understanding.

I feel that we transcend duality when we are in turn aware of both the advantages and limitations of ego. It is not in eliminating or denying this  evolutionary development but in accepting them and the limitations that come with them and realizing that we are unfolding and being transformed in our form in ways that we can not know. We can know that this is occurring but not what will arise.

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