Praying for an Open heart

Most of what I write about arises in my discussion with others. I value very much that sharing and the opening that it brings in the exploration of my self and being.

Prayer seems to be a topic of discussion these days and there are many opinions about what prayer is. It seems to me that how we pray is a reflection of our world view. Presently there is a vast dimension of our collective consciousness that reflects the conditioned individual self. In our fixation on individual experience and the perceived reality of that we end up disconnected from what is authentic about ourselves and what is in reality inseparable from other aspects of life.  That fragmented aspect of our being  ends up praying from a place of limited awareness  for things that are not seen in wholeness.  We seem to pray because we are separated from compassionate understanding and connection. We don’t seem to understand death and our connection to others and to nature and to what is natural but in our limited understanding we pray for things that continue to insulate us from them and things that reinforce separation.

The heart is directly connected to our origins, our nature, our essence and it understands life and death. In a way I see no need to pray except to ask for clarity and for the courage to be open, authentic snd honest. That is where my compassion and connection authentically originate from however hidden in the fog it has become. That is where I realize the vastness of being and  where I am an inseparable part of consciousness unfolding.

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