What Has Been Excluded

Humans have come to be deeply conditioned to experience life from their brains cut off from deeper more organic realisations. It’s as if in the development of human life we have excluded all that has come before the brain. The key for me has been through meditation to not exclude the brain but to include in our being that which the brain has forgotten in its extreme focus on rationality and reason. I am talking about a wisdom that arises from other parts of being that is not realized through the processes of the higher brain.
We can become quite attached to our conditioned perceptions of things in life. Awareness for me involves being attentive beyond the  cognitively processed perceptions. It requires that I am not so attached to my perceptions or at least being aware of my attachments to them. As postmodern writers remind us we can not understand phenomenon as objectively as we are inclined to believe. The observer is not separate from the observed and as well when I am attached to a perception there is a cognitive process that fixes an experience in place and time and the reality is that nothing remains static in this way.
It seems that there are moments for me that perception does not involve this aspect of cognition and that is more about an experience of involving a connection to the heart; and being. What is experienced in direct awareness is without name or definition and I am not separate from it. It is perception prior to the cognitive processes that sees from a deeper truth.

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