No Need to Teach Our Children How to Live

I came across this posting on the Collective Consciousness site today, “Knowing how to live is not something we have to teach children. Knowing how to live is something we have to be careful not to take away from them.” Recently I have been struck with the realization that I am only now waking up to who I am and how to live. This is something that has been taken away from me; that I have forgotten. It’s not any ones fault but more the result of an ignorance inherent in the collective consciousness. And it resulted in my ego.

In my work as  a “Social Worker” I often questioned the methods and the overall usefulness of therapy focused on interventions with the ego. I still do but more than ever I realize the significance in seeing the ego for what it is and how it has come to exist in us. We have to be able to understand how we have come to be fragmented and to re-experience in a more whole way all that has become lost and buried as a result of that.

I have lived my life in a fragmented way as result of a conditioning that has fragmented my consciousness and allowed for an ego to become dominant. It has dulled my ability to live. It could have been no other way. At least there has been something about my experience that has enabled me to take responsibility and to wake up. I am now able to see my ego. I am not always able to transcend it but at least I can now see where I have gone astray and where I go astray. Most of all I can be forgiving of myself and the folly of a life I have led. In some ways I am still finding my way back from all of that. In my new awareness there is a movement to integrate all that has been separated and to come to live in a whole way. I find that old habits still surface and the influence of others can still trigger them and as well the world itself can be influential in that it is in general not yet awake.

Most of all I can see how others are acting from the influence of the ego and in that I can realize that they have forgotten who they truly are and in so being they are distant from a truth of being. There is so much of our actions on this planet that is without compassion and a genuine care that are a consequence of this separation. It is clear to see that brutality and hate still dominate at times and in situations. So we can see what it has done to forget who we are and how to live and yes we have to be more careful than we have been not to take away children’s awareness of how to live.

I have recently read the book “The Untethered Soul”  “ by Michael Singer and found it to be an excellent resource for understanding the dynamics that lead to and that may contribute to a liberation from our conditioning.


Here are some references from the book.

In the book, The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer takes you step-by-step through the process of Gyana, the Yoga of the Intellect, to the Source. Moreover, he does it with elegant simplicity. Read this book carefully and you will get more than a glimpse of eternity.
– Deepak Chopra Author Life After Death: The Burden of Proof

In lucid, unadorned prose, Michael Singer delivers the essence of the great spiritual teachings of the Ages. Each chapter of The Untethered Soul is an instructive meditation on the binds of the human condition and how each and every knot can be gracefully untied so that our souls may fly. The accuracy and simplicity of this work is a measure of its pure mastery.
– James O’Dea President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)

East is East and West is West, but Michael Singer bridges these two great traditions in a radiant treatise on how to succeed in life from our spiritual quest to our everyday tribulations. Freud said that life was composed of love and work. With great eloquence, wit, and compelling logic, Singer’s brilliant book completes this thought by showing them to be two poles of the same selfless devotion.
– Ray Kurzweil inventor National Medal of Technology recipient and author of The Age of Spiritual Machines The Singularity is Near and other books

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