A More Fundamental Perspective

We have an image about what it would be like to be without our identity, our belongings and money, our relationships, our career and everything else. We might not like that image but the reality of that image and the nothingness beyond that image may be entirely different.
In aloneness and silence I am left with my self as I am stripped of the image and ideas that have accumulated through time. After all the diverting thoughts about what I am and what I want and need have settled I can see more clearly the part of me that searches in never-ending futility, outwardly for reasons why and for friendships, affirmations and remedies to resolve all the doubt that arises in those thoughts. I suspect that there is good reason to doubt. We can’t really know what tomorrow will bring. But things are never as the mind imagines them to be. I am not what I have come to believe that I am. In the silence I can settle into the doubt and let arise from that what is authentic and eternal and that is life-giving in a way that the mind can not emulate in all its effort and cleverness.
It is not a passive experience but a more fundamental one more directly out of our essence.  From this aloneness emanates a determined energy that is invested in change in a positive direction. I feel that collectively we need to re-embrace that kind of determination and the indignation about what is happening to humanity and the world, not from an individualistic point of view but out of what comes out of the silence; a more compassionate perspective. We can’t let the world be destroyed, and we need to be determined without violence or cruelty, but intent about it.

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