Clash With the Conventional

Over the years some of the most  inspirational writers have been Osho, Krishnamurti, Chogyam  Trungpa, Toni Packer and Ken Wilber. Toni is the only one that I actually met and spent time in retreat with. There have been many more influences but these five have come to have the most significant impact on me. All of them have been quite controversial figures in their lives. It is easy to find fault in these individuals. It is easy to find fault in myself. I am not much different from them in this way. I’m likely to make more mistakes as I go on in life but this is understandable as the way to an awakened soul has been not all that clear a path. There has been much darkness that has had to become illuminated and I have no doubt that there is more that is hidden in this way.I am not convinced that this ever comes to an end in a lifetime of pursuit of the authentic.
As I wake up I am becoming more eccentric in my ways than I ever have been in my sleeping state.I was reactive and rebellious in that state often not being sure as to why. This eccentricity seems to go hand in hand with realizing what is authentic about my being and what is not. It seems that all these persons that I have listed had experienced this on their own journey and at times found themselves alone in their worlds. It seems to be essential that we eventually come to follow a light from within as opposed to the external authority and the cues that we have been conditioned to attend to. And in attending in this way we will likely encounter a clashing with more conventional norms as these individuals have.

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