Renunciation or Awareness

As most are these days I have become dependent on modern technological ways of functioning in the world day-to-day. Most of these ways claim to serve to make our world more efficient and comfortable. Maybe I am not as dependent as most on these ways but I am drawn by the attractiveness of them and habitual behaviour seems to emerge from that. It’s hard to resist the influence of these ways and I wonder if renouncing them is not so different from becoming habituated to them. I am not convinced that forced resistance is the answer.  But it seems that life is becoming increasingly complicated and confusing. How should I find guidance in a way that is in the best interest of me the individual in connection to the whole? I  am uncertain at times about what is essential and healthy and what is not. I know that life is bigger than just me and my pleasure and survival.  I have tasted the experience of “being” enough to know that it is a place from which I am guided in a way that is beyond intellectual formulation and/or conclusions. It is a place of  authentic connection and interaction with life, and  I want to live fully in presence in this way. But  it is not always clear  when I slip over to acting habitually and isolated in the self.  When I am not attentive I can cross the line. It certainly seems that collectively we have crossed a line. We are not attentive in this way and the individual, collective and global problems we are encountering are in my understanding clearly a consequence of this.

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