Awareness of Our Aloneness

Evolution that has led to the development  of the human ego has been the source of many other developments and advances in our world and to changes to the way of life on the planet as well as changes to the planet. We are clearly aware of the power and capability of the ego  but  I am not convinced that humankind really understand the limitations of it. We seem to believe that it is infinite in its ability and that human intelligence is the thing that will be the salvation of our world.  My sense is that ego is getting in the way of advancement  more than we are aware.

If one can bear the pain it is plain to see the global destruction of our environment and brutality with which humans treat each other.  Yes there is the compassionate and loving side of humans but that seems not  to be the dominating influence on this planet at this time in many places.  People often say to me in a very positive way that things are changing, that human consciousness is changing and that human kind will figure things out. In my own efforts to be conscious and through significant travel throughout the world and the things that I have seen and come to be aware of I am not convinced that this is true either.

What am I to do as an individual?. I have an ego and I am alone in that ego. I am aware of the insanity of the ego and how it has been at times and in ways a  destructive  influence in my life and how it continues to influence and separate  me in moments that I am not aware. The only thing that I can seem to do is to be aware of my aloneness and come to accept that. Any effort and action  to find relief through manipulation,  influence and action that are a result of the fixated self-will lead to perpetuation of limited seeing and being. It will serve in a way that  I am alienating myself from what is authentic and all those actions will have a similar  consequence.

It is what we experience in that authentic place that we are able to realize in a more whole way. It will be collectively from this place that we will realize what we must do to save the planet. We might be able to better see that what we are and how we are interconnected are in fact inseparable from all else and that change in one thing affects change in another in ways that humans are most often not aware of. Humans may be aware of how the things that human perception can  detect change but what about that which human perception is not aware of. Human senses have developed and become fine tuned to meet the challenges of survival in a certain select  way. There is so much that is not realized and/or that has been forgotten in that process including what we are and where we have come from.

We can again come to experience our nature and the sense of connection,  compassion and caring that are a part of it in a deeper way and as well a deepening of a reliance on  intuitive awareness. Through a more aware way of life there is an expansion of  realisation  such as the  coming to understand that  however wonderful our ego has been, it is quite selective in what it perceives and in the development of a dependence on  that functioning it insulates us from aspects of our authentic being. A deeper awareness of our aloneness, that is a consequence of the ego,   can help us to better realize our limitations and from there we can trust better in what unfolds. .



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