What Has Been Forgotten

Our conditioning limits are ability to see in an authentic way but it’s no easy task to wake up to the limitation that has been imposed on us. How does someone finally become aware that their  perception has been influenced by outside factors and to admit to themselves that there is much more to life and existence  than has been realized and that in our conditioning our impressions are static and unchanging.  This is contrary to the reality of life that is dynamic, infinitely transforming and unfolding in each moment . And we have become locked in this static sense  to the degree that we have abandoned our ability to witness and discover in an authentic way. How do we move beyond the ways we have come to define ourselves and life to be and to see that there is much more than can be understood through our definitions and conventional ways of understanding phenomenon. How do we again  come to embrace a more direct experience living life  fully as we have been created to do and not as a consequence of our limited search for meaning.

It is a powerful shock for me to  come to this realization of the emptiness behind all that has become familiar, comfortable and known. In an ongoing way I am learning to let go but there are moments in this opening that it is difficult to cope with the unknown and the vastness of that which is unfolding and I reactively turn to grasp onto more familiar ways and  understanding. But this opening inevitably  leads to a more blissful truth and connection with the mystery, wonder, love and beauty that are unfolding in it.    And in doing  I am coming to know myself in a more direct and real way. It is as well involving  the realization that the search for meaning is in fact a search to be reconnected to life in this way, aware that I have somehow been lost, diverted by other searches  for truth  as I  have been taught to do so. I am now coming to realize that life is more than what can be experience by selective human perception, definition and pleasant sensation.  As such there are other possibilities,  more complete and loving ones. The reality of life need not be the projection of those aspects that lack care and compassion and that are locked in a rigid identification,  self fixation and brutality. It is involving for me realizing how I have come to be separated from the essence of what I am and what has been forgotten and what has become our obsession with these things that I have mentioned.

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