To Practice or To Get Out of the Way

It turns out that if we proceed with a desire to reconnect to  our spirituality as we have approached our life, absent of spirit, we will inevitably be perpetuating what has left us so empty of spirit in the first place.  In other words we need something more than what we have known  to bring spirit into our lives. We can’t  know what it is like to see an eagle soaring if we don’t leave our homes in the city and likewise to see in a new way requires that we let go of ways that have limited and  perpetuated our confinement in partial understanding.  Part of it is about taking the time to be aware of what is there when we let go of old habits that have influenced our perception and assumptions.This aspect of seeing in another way goes beyond and has existed prior to all that we have been taught.  It is prior to all that has  influenced our assumptions, understandings and beliefs.  It is a more direct experience, absent of the human filters and  blinding bias.

Our consciousness has been both a part of and a consequence of all that has come before us. We are not separate from that. Human consciousness has originated and evolved from the same source as all other beings on this planet. It is in fact one being. The filters that we have acquired that influence our perception as humans are the result of a selective and  refined process that sorts through information, useful to the survival of our species in some ways at least until present, but quite destructive in other ways. It seems that now more than ever it is essential that we question the relevance of our existing values, beliefs, ideals and understanding  but along with that there is benefit in conducting it from a place of a more complete awareness of what we are and where we have come from.

To see in a new way involves more of a turning back and inclusion of  something that has always been  a part of us prior to our unique human development of the  ability to see with refined  perception,  but has become obscure in our relatively recent  ability to process and formulate. That more complete aspect of our  being has been selectively neutralized through a reliance on this new cognitive  ability to filter, select and manipulate information. To reconnect to a more whole way of being can now allow us to include what  we have learned from uniquely human cognitive activities but as well to understand from a perspective that is a more whole and comprehensive place of realizing beyond the relativity of  what we have come to assume and believe to be true.

But it is not a matter of acquiring something new or improving ourselves or our thinking or ultimately of practicing but more of returning to our more complete inherent ability to be aware and in that awareness realizing the limitations of less whole abilities and processes that we humans have come to have.

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