Change or Not

I don’t know. I have come to see a part of me that insists  that it does know, that believes in its own causality.   But in it`s partial orientation it is not witness to the whole and in this part that I have come to assume self to be I am deluded in what I think that I know.

And my thoughts and actions are most often an extension of that self. I am seeing more often these days that it is a part that projects and defends a selective and limited awareness.

It’s that place of seeing the self for what it is that I can move beyond the stories, assumption and illusions that it creates. In that letting go there is a coming to trust in something less confined;  much more vast  than the self. A comfort in what is familiar and a fear of the unknown at times perpetuates that self.

I am deluded in the belief in self in its partial state  that it can bring change. Its consequences are more destructive than it`s awareness can realize being a product of a limited scope and assumptions that are causally connected to that. We are only now beginning to realize the global and social impacts of this collective self.

It is only when we are wise enough to get out-of-the-way and not to interfere that we can realize the significance of an authentic unfolding, something that can not be truly realized without letting go.   Being manifests more explicitly in its total freedom. In presence we see that we are a part of that change and that creative wave that is unfolding and changing.


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