What Is Expression

Maybe there will be a day where I will have no need to turn to writing and painting as a way of expressing my experience. I am already aware of the limitations of these modes of representation  although there are endless possibilities in terms of ways to go about this and possibly it has something to do with evolution in some unknown way. Somehow this creative aspect of mind is increasingly fueled through a connection through presence and the unfolding that occurs there.

It is clear to see that as life evolves there is a more complex development in the forms  that are emerging. Humans represent an extremely complicated form of evolved life especially with their capacity to  express themselves and to use abstraction, symbol and to analyze and to create from that. In this development of the human ability to specialize there has been at the same time a disconnection from a deeper awareness and truth that is part of that.  It doesn’t need to be. If we are able to accept the limitations of our abilities and to see that they are possibly bigger than our individual selves and even our species and that they  are a product of  an emerging global and universal life. They are an aspect of this collective consciousness and from that awareness maybe we will realize that our efforts do not have to be so rigidly and individually oriented. Out of a greater awareness something is bound to unfold as it always has in a more authentic way that is not separate from all else.

Possibly from the place of a greater awareness of self there is a place for authentic expression of our direct experience if nothing other than as an aid in getting human kind through the dilemma  of the fixation on  individuality and the perception that is a consequence of that.

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