The Burden of Memory

We believe  that the benefit of knowledge as we have come to understand it is ultimate and that it is real, We rear and train our  children in hope of developing their memory towards that ability and being able to retain that information. Through that process we learn to experience life through the concepts that we have learned and stored in rote memory not aware that there is a consequence for this. It occupies much of the space in our process of attention.

There is much more in life to be witnessed  through attending to direct experience and in living from this place not burdened by the accumulation of relative information that has come to fill our brains and create artificial boundaries that separate us from what we are not separate from. The brain operates in a way that it is not necessary to be actively working on retaining memory, which in doing we are not attending to what is constantly unfolding in the dance of creation.

More occurs in attending to life in a way that is  present than we have come to realize. Concepts are useful in sharing and communicating but in our confusion about their value we have allowed them to block us from deeper realization. A person can be informed through information accumulated in books and libraries about any given subject but do they really know; in  fact can that way of depending on knowledge be blocking us from  a more authentic experience and realization.

There always seems to be something missing in our intellectual assumptions and analysis and belief in our objective ability but if we we can learn to quiet the mind,  in that stilling we can begin to see beyond the crazy images and dreams that we have been taught and have  come to believe as reality and in that letting go and dropping of effort and convention we see from a more direct experience,  things as they are.


Is it not essential that there should be a constant renewal, a rebirth? If the present is burdened with the experience of yesterday there can be no renewal. Renewal is not the action of birth and death; it is beyond the opposites; only freedom from the accumulation of memory brings renewal, and there is no understanding save in the present.The mind can understand the present only if it does not compare, judge; the desire to alter or condemn the present without understanding it gives continuance to the past. Only in comprehending the reflection of the past in the mirror of the present, without distortion, is there renewal.If you have lived an experience fully, completely, have you not found that it leaves no traces behind? It is only the incomplete experiences that leave their mark, giving continuity to self-identified memory. We consider the present as a means to an end, so the present loses its immense significance. The present is the eternal. But how can a mind that is made up, put together, understand that which is not put together, which is beyond all value, the eternal?As each experience arises, live it out as fully and deeply as possible; think it out, feel it out extensively and profoundly; be aware of its pain and pleasure, of your judgments and identifications. Only when experience is completed is there a renewal. We must be capable of living the four seasons in a day; to be keenly aware, to experience, to understand and be free of the gatherings of each day. – Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life

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