Reality is Much More Than Our Thinking and Much More Mysterious

I am currently reading A H Almaas most recent book, “Runaway Realization”. In reading these kinds of books, I find  that some writers, who have been involved in spiritual life, have a gift for describing things not always easily amendable to being described. It is as if their words are pointing to something beyond them.
In his book Almaas describes something that I have come to understand, that has been more later than sooner revealed to me, that “reality is far more indeterminate, far more mysterious than anything we can conceive of”. So I ask why it is that I have ben involved in a search for some kind of truth that can be expressed in a literal way for nearly all of my life. it seems that somehow in our conditioning we come to abandon the more direct experience and the insights that come with that. This realisation has changed the nature of the search for me. To discover what is beyond time and what is constrained and limited by it we must go beyond our thinking. Realty has no boundary where as our thinking and the concepts that are created from it have boundaries. Practice or meditation, is for me attending to the direct experience which is without boundaries, beyond thinking and impossible to capture in any effort to express it.

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