The Irawaddy River sunrise   By GordimageIris and I had breakfast in a little shop outside of the hospital this morning at 6 AM. It was a simple shop that served tea and Nan with peas.We have come to know the owner there over the years and he invited us there to visit before we left. People here rise with the sun and they go to bed as it sets. Watching the sun rise over the river, the young monks and nuns out collecting alms and listening to the birds sing in the morning one feels connected to the earth and to the others here regardless of the differences between us.
This does not occur in the same way in the west, especially so in Germany where people have their agendas, their need to hurry and to get to somewhere else. They carry with them their baggage about what they believe themselves to be, what they have pursued and become; so much so that the awareness of connection has faded. It’s not so much that I am against modernization and the expertise that it has created but more that I am saddened by how it perpetuates such a delusional veneer that interferes with life. Humankind has created status, classes and castes, race, religion, nations and many other classifications and divisions and we can be so extreme in the significance and importance that we attach to these concepts that we have created. And we continue to create more that promotes separation and division.
Things are not perfect here. But at least life allows for moments of letting go of all of our human inventions that serve partly as barriers to a clear seeing and there is an unspoken relating to others and to the whole that is once again realized in this.

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