A Search for Truth

I met a retired doctor here in Mandalay this week.  He talked about his fascination with the concept and theory of “Emergence” and seemed to be quite attached to the notion that there was a deep truth in it. I don’t know much about it but It seems like a very open and helpful concept to me. I suggested that I think that I am as curious as he is about these kinds of things but a difference might be that I no longer search for truth in conceptual language. I have a similar desire to live in an authentic way but have discovered that we can’t really know what we desire to know at least not through  conventional ways of knowing.

It is through a more direct experience that I open to what feels to me to be a more authentic way of life present to the immediate experience. It is where I discover the essence of what I am and an acceptance of life unfolding and it is where contentment is best realised.

As humans we have evolved in a way that we have come to utilize conceptual understanding in a way that is fundamental to  our existence perhaps to a degree that we have become confused about where truth is to be revealed to us. I am greatly  curious and drawn to books of all kinds. I see no need to deny this but I also realize that it is when our understanding of the world matches the nature of the world that we discover more and more of our world and have more ability to cope with it. We use scientific methods and develop theoretical models as ways that can help us to understand and we are best as Einstein remarked  if “we are seeking the simplest scheme of thought that can tie together the observable facts. This scheme is not ultimately established. It is periodically updated.

As a representation of direct experience these formulations are always amendable. The truth is always relative and never absolute. We are better able to understand our worlds if we are aware of the distinction between our representational ability of arriving  at knowledge and our more direct way of being, inquiring  and intuition.



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