Dilemma: Can We Change

I am experiencing a dilemma.

Because I have committed my life to being aware I am attentive to the signals and to listening rather than to turning my head and indulging in distractions. I perceive the water to be rising and I have decided to build an ark partly to encourage people to open and talk about why I am doing so. Many people laugh and continue with ways that seem to contribute to the flood.

What should one do.

Should I let go of my ways because people see them to be intrusive and follow the others who are indulged in fun ways and enjoy life as they claim to be doing, ignoring the inevitable or should I continue on in silence and learn to tolerate the laughter, honouring their decisions, not disturbing the ways of others? Maybe it is that I am confused, that my perceptions are negatively focused. If I a percieve something to be a truth of an important quality that has come to me through deeper reflection and see the importance of engaging in a more collective discussion and reflection am I imposing my opinion?

The way that I have chosen to interact is influenced by an authentic examination of what I directly experience. I am only aware because I feel that awareness is important and I pursue this. My intent is not to impose my ideas but to encourage and promote dialogue. I feel that I am not reacting out of fear or personal gain but out of a love for what we are at our  heartfelt essence and to  what we are a part of. There are many indicators that suggest that humanity is struggling. I cant help but think that we all have a role to play in finding our way back to this essence.

In the New York times today there is an article titles “Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says”. There is something about our habitual ways that humans are reluctant to change, that fear of something or another keeps us wanting to hold on to ways that are familiar regardless of how destructive they may be. http://nyti.ms/1Cc3rov
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