We Believe That We Know

I am no expert or scholar. What I am attempting to express is from my own direct experience that there is more to living and knowing than we are conditioned to understand. In conforming wholly to our conditioned ways we reduce our potential for living fully. My opinions are in no way absolute. I can not say that I know for sure but that it is more a way of seeing that comes and goes, sometimes clearer to me than others It can be reformed and adjusted and it most definitely will be because everything changes. If I were to write it again in a months time it would surely take a completely different form. I as well understand that words can not capture all of what I am experiencing; never the less there is some value in the act of attempting to express my experience.

There is much to be considered in the value that we give to human intellectual ability and cognitive capacity the way we have come to experience it such as our grasping on to mechanical ways of knowing. These abilities are a gift of a sort that allows for envisioning in alternative ways but it has its limitations as all that exists does, especially as we have come to utilize it.

I have been taught to pursue answers to questions fueled by the belief that we humans can know certain things. In some circles there is belief that we can know most everything through our learned methods.
In general there seems to exist a most unexamined, blind faith in the ability of the human intellect and cognitive abilities and ways and methods that we have developed. But belief is a passive way to understand and never as absolute as we hold it to be. I have come to realize through my own contemplation that there is great benefit in examining the concept of belief itself in a more direct and complete way. Knowing, as I and almost all of us have been conditioned to understand the process is incomplete and it can only ensure that I will always only achieve partial and limited understanding.

There is a lot to be revealed that comes from a more direct questioning and experience, not without taking the time to let go of all such learned effort. What can be experienced in this way is something that has to some degree been forgotten but that is not separate from the essence of what we are, uncovered, unmasked and absent of the assumptions and effort of how we should better be. It is something that has led us more or less to our present form, however confused that has come to be. How this has been achieved may be beyond our present understanding through our conventional ways of knowing. The ultimate realisation of it might not be achievable through effort of the mind but more from a relaxing of it that can serve to set the way for a graceful revelation. There is some value in making adjustments to our routine that allow for the inclusion of contemplation, prayer and/or meditation in our daily activities that may prepare us for that experience.

A greater realisation of contentment can be experienced as a result of this shift in our ways that I suspect has something to do with coming back to a place of functioning from a more authentic and whole place. A reconnection to our deeper essence that has somehow been obscured can be a most rewarding one in terms of adding a much-needed tempering of what humans have created in the absence of it. One might say that it is an act of humanity.

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