Meaning and Emptiness

The more that I am able to let go of what I have been moulded into and become, opening to what is, the more that I am confronted with emptiness and with how to cope with that. It seems that I have filled my life with so many diversions to shield me from that direct experience of emptiness, most that have been a result of a more collective conditioning. In my unexamined life I obsessed with finding and maintaining meaning and I grasped on to whatever served me in that moment fearful of the inevitable realization that there was no truth in it. Now at least I am discovering that there is something that is a part of that nothingness that I have not had the benefit of being able to see that holds more truth than all the meaning that I have been taught by others that claimed to be truth or that I had created for myself to be true. It is something that needs no definition but that is best experienced directly and that we are all a part of beyond the fragmentation, separation and division that we have created in our collective search for meaning.

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