The Truth of the Self

I have been recently contemplating how I  might be able to come to express myself in a way that is less opinionated. I search for truth in what i share yet i know that there are times that it is mired by opinion, subjective perception and belief that I hold. I wonder at times if I am able and ready to comprehend what is true and authentic about life. On the other hand I find that  in my search it seems to be revealed to me not in such a concrete revelation but through other less conventional indicators that might be considered to be internal or intuitive and at times that I am open to moving beyond being in a more conventional way. I certainly would not suggest that any thing that is revealed in this place and way could be proven to be a fact through empirical means.
It seems that I am open to honestly set all that should interfere with my clear seeing aside in order to be receptive to that which I value most about life which is to live and experience what is authentic. I prefer to come to this through my own direct experience rather than to have it handed to me by another considered to be more informed and educated on matters of truth.
We as well live in a culture and time  that normalizes and values the manipulating of the self and of other in order to present a more desirable presentation for the sake of meeting ones designated needs such as employment, friends and lovers, possessions and other things. What authenticity or substance can be found in this circus I am not sure. In seeing how children are raised and of the social and familial pressures that exist that serve to compromise any such urge for authenticity they may demonstrate as developing individuals I question if there happens to emerge from the soup such an individual and if so if they might not be accepted and understood.
Ultimately I question the truth of the notion of the individual self that is stressed in our modern-day and age encouraged by a collective ideology that promotes individualism as a fact. I have no doubt that there is the individual and a distinct expression of that but the degree and evidence that we use to stress that distinction and our perceptions and the influence that arises from that are questionable. The distortion that arises out of this process is obvious to me.
So where is the authentic to be discovered through all of this. First I think I have to be able to unravel all that has been distorted in my own creation of self. Until that is accomplished how can I be sure of my own perception of truth let alone be able to express it.

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