Undermining False Premises

Most of us are conditioned early in life to live under false premises of what we think ourselves to be. There is an illusive sense of feeling that we know and in being in control in this way. The energy that is involved in maintaining this delusion serves as well to numb us to what we authentically are. There is an aspect of not being able to cope with the vulnerability that is somehow connected to realizing our true essence. Although I am not a Buddhist, I can find wisdom in much of what is discovered from individuals who have walked this path such as this little bit from David Patt.

For the mind that is ripe and self-reflective, affluence undermines its own false promises, and many Westerners have come to Buddhism from disillusionment in the successful pursuit of worldly gratification. That disillusionment is the first phase of renunciation.

– David Patt, “Who’s Zoomin’ Who? The Commodification of Buddhism in the American Marketplace”

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