Seeing in a More Direct Way

As long as we grasp onto boundaries in our efforts to know ourselves and as long as we rely on words and concepts for our understanding of life and our connection to it the truth will allude us. As Terence Keenan suggests it is seeing the “truth” of every stone, every tree, every wind without concepts of truth or words to define it. Concerning a more direct attention uninhibited by intellectual effort the late Iris Murdoch suggests that this concerned attention “effects a removal from the usual egotistic fuzz of self protective anxiety.”
Its not such an easy step for most to move beyond our adopted boundaries and our conventional notion of self as they have been conditioned to be. There is a sense of illusive security in what is familiar in this way of seeing and as well the perceptions in turn affirm our conventional understanding about who we are and what life is but they are limiting and not as comfortable as we seem to think they are. As Iris Murdoch suggests they are the source of neurosis and anxiety because in our static way of acting and relating as if our self and the perceptions that are projected from that are something that is permanent we are in error with the truth being that nothing is so.

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