In Being We Find Truth/Life

Falsehood  has an infinity of combinations and possibilities but the truth has only one mode of being – Jean Jaques Rouseau

The world is not found in our books and maps. It is discovered in opening to it; in being. We don’t need to figure out what it is all about. We just need to be with it and we find the truth from that.
There is a difference in how we look for our questions, to be answered. We can ask questions as the subject expecting answers or they can arise in the moments as we are engaged with life and as we encounter obstacles along the way, opening ourselves to looking to life and intuitive signals. The  nature of the difference is what we must come to realize and understand for ourselves.

Humans are afraid of uncertainty and of the future. They  have created institutions, structures,  ideologies in some vain and  arbitrary  effort to create some sense of security where there isn’t any. But we know in our hearts that faith does not grow in the house of certainty and we sacrifice it for our belief in these creations.   If we can let go and be with what is, answers arise for us out of a more authentic way of living and being.

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