Partial Seeing

In sharing over the internet with Anne today we found that we were both curious about an Integral Theory Group coming to Peterborough. Anne mentioned that it would be very frustrating if the focus of the group would be on more intellectual aspects of Integral studies and I was in agreement. Anne had read that Ken Wilbur had mentioned that because he has to present his material through theories etc., people don’t get that it comes through knowing your self and not through learning about Ken Wilber’s ideas.
And I think that this is the distinction to be considered. Our conditioning results in us being cut off from something of our authentic self. We call it the heart because ultimately it is the loss of something of the essence of what it is to be human. If you negotiate life from this place of being cut off from out complete being, which most of us do, than perceptions are interpreted in a dualistic way. We don’t recognize the significance of those aspects of life that we have been cut off from in ourselves. And this in turn becomes the major influence in what we create our worlds to be. This is why we attach great importance to quantifiable material substance as opposed to aspects of life that are not amenable to this.
Nothing can enable a person in the realisation that their cognitions are incomplete except in waking up to this aspect of themselves that has been minimized. Being cut off from that part that we call the heart we see and live life as a fragment of the whole. And it is the source of our personal and collective problems
Most of what our every day life involves is the pursuit of interests that are of a short-term benefit. We don’t even begin to see the long-term consequences of our choices yet alone to take responsibility for them.Many of the sages that we have come to love understand this and are  more holistic and process oriented in their envisioning of life events. There is something in what they speak of that touches the depths of our own being. But when our individual and social consciousness is oriented in this more conventional way it is very likely that we will end up interpreting the wisdom of a more awake person in an incomplete way.
Meditation and spirituality are not something supernatural. But they are miraculous as is potential and possibility in a world oriented in this way. In making this our priority we begin to wake up to deeper parts or ourselves that have been forgotten but that are fundamental aspects of a new awareness of how we are infinitely and in a wonderfully mysterious way interconnected with everything else that exists.

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