Moving Beyond the Fixed and Unchanging

It’s nice to see that an Integral Spirituality Group is currently forming in my home town of  Peterborough Ontario Canada. It is yet to occur anywhere near my home town of Halle in Germany. There does not seem to be the interest here in opening to new ways. This is a bit of a discouraging point  for me. It seems that in our attachment to  habitual ways that seek comfort and security that comes with old and familiar patterns  at all costs, we become closed  and  unable to recognize the evolving nature and potential of the new.   Possibly what the world most needs is open discussion and listening without the attachment to intellectual and authoritative  expertise that is often oppressive in its tendency. Someone  with the ability to  facilitate this kind of process is more of a priority in promoting a letting go and opening to  possibilities than intellectual expertise at certain times. The intellectual and conceptual based opinion is a legitimate way of seeing but it is a more simply a piece of the whole. It is a way of seeing and there are other ways just as important to explore.

A quality of discussion that promotes a  working towards letting go of  fixed and static notions and rigid attachment to old concepts and ideologies and that is open to exploring new possibilities and new ways of perceiving ;  coming out of an embracing and exploring and a  seeing in a more direct way,  their experience,  is more essential at this time than creating yet another forum where fixed ideas and old ways are confirmed and reinforced. It is not that we should negate these older insights but to include and transcend them. The world is unfolding and we must be open to see what it is that is newly arising. Sometimes our older perceptions and concepts are not effective means of realising what is new.

2 thoughts on “Moving Beyond the Fixed and Unchanging

    1. Good Question
      I don´t know what to call it. I have edited it. Thanks Hariod. It has been started by people who are supporters of Integral understanding as Ken Wilber has laid out theoretically. These people are psycho analysts so I am somewhat suspicious. I have lost faith in this as an intervention largely because of the fact that there is not an emphasis on knowing oneself through direct experience as a therapist. Yet it is suggested that all therapists should undergo psych therapy. I have no doubts that Ken Wilber would say about Integral understanding that it comes from knowing oneself and not through learning about his theories. They are a guideline sort of.
      I have also been exposed to James Hillmans recent publication “We,ve has a hundred years of Psycho Therapy” I havepurchased it yet not read it as of yet although I know that he questions the experiment that the world has had with it.


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