Exploring With An Open Mind

I have always sought greater truth however often and many times that I have wandered off in false directions during my lifetime. The largest influences in my wandering away have been the times that I have followed belief, dogma and others interpretation of what is truth. Those times that I have been most inspired have been times that I have been engaged in exploring, investigating and educating myself in willful application of experiential technique.

In those moments that I have drawn conclusion and closed my mind to all greater potentiality, possibility and respect of the expansive nature of the universe, I have been lost. To have closed myself in this way was to be in ignorance. There is not enough known to draw conclusions, but the part of us that seeks security and permanence (ego) is arrogant enough to insist that we can. And it is hard at work trying to discover truth in its fragmented and limited ability.

The evidence we are looking for is everywhere although as we look to the ego to negotiate life, for the security that it seeks we lose sight of it. It is self-evident, existing everywhere but cannot be seen from the ego. We abandon our focus on it in the external search for proof as it is something that can not be measured or witnessed with the tools of proof. It is in being and not in doing and not in substance that we discover it but we have organized our lives so that they are subservient to materiality an in doing and in that what is true is obscured. We worship technology and in the blind faith that it will save us all we are perhaps being lured further away from what we must see if we are to experience the necessary freedom, the only place from which truth can be realised.

I am not so optimistic about where we should come to find ourselves as a species and as a planet should we continue in our patterned and habitual human ways. I can not see peace and acceptance emerging as dominant themes on our planet out of all the destructiveness that is occurring. I do sense that change is the nature of existence and if we are to embrace that which is the essence of change it would involve a shift in our perspective. We must see the challenges of our crisis with new eyes and from the resolution that can come from that anything is possible. Change will occur even despite our efforts to find security and permanence for ourselves. If we remain in ignorance the change will likely be something that we are not prepared for given our attachment to these other perceived needs.

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