Becoming: To Mould or Unfold

These days the  possibility of becoming truly  intimate with another is a challenge when so much of our energy is invested in actively creating and developing the veneer of self. And how can we expect to come to know and nurture what is authentic in us when we are conditioned to  believe in and invest in the identification, defence and proliferation of what we have created. How can we be so sure that something is not missing in our superficial formulation of what we are pursuing self to  be.

It is only in recognizing and nurturing  something more of our being than of what we should become that we can eliminate this duality that arises with our active efforts at becoming. We can trust in what we will become when we are enabled to  embrace and nurture what  it is about us that is authentic and from this we establish an fundamental foundation for intimacy and relationship.That foundation itself is intimate.

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