Knowing in a Non Non Dualistic Way

Our existence; our origins are not things that we will come to understand through abstract thinking, at least not at this time through this process alone and in the current form that human cognitive ability is now manifested. To understand this involves turning towards an ongoing more intimate and holistic process  not focused on knowing the whole through its parts.

It is our nature to search; to look for meaning and an authentic understanding about what we are and where we fit in to life. But the way to know might involve another aspect of “being” beyond that of our more recently evolved abilities to rationalize and  to  conceptualize  in an abstract way. We are a part of a uninterupted trail that extends a very long way back, far before we acquired  these new cognitive  abilities. As well with these newer  developments we seem to have lost the intuitive capacity to comprehend the miraculous nature of our origins.

Until we can come to see more clearly the nature and limitations of thinking it could be that we will continue to  perpetuate a cycle of ignorance that in an ongoing way  is contributing to our global demise. There is a lot of literature out there, these days,  that reflects on this topic but it is not always easy to trust,  that,  what we are reading is reflecting and expressing this deeper truth. Despite being in possession of this extraordinary cognitive capacity we  seem to be lost looking for answers from elsewhere other than ourselves. We have forgotten ourselves and until we have come to trust in a way that leads us back to knowing ourselves we will be insulated from a greater understanding of the life we live.

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