Dualistic Assumptions

I was reading today that the english language, more than any other,  reflects the early science view that was focused on the importance of empirical observation and because of that we use many objects when we communicate. Other more holistic and native languages are more process oriented. In the object focused languages we come to assume the reality of the objects in a way that it has been previously defined and it is not explored directly which is quite conducive to a dualistic perception.
Language reinforces a way of perceiving that can perpetuate a boundary. We have to come to question the assumptions of a relative truth that is underlying words and that is communicated to us in language and learn to use it more as a tool to express what our experience is. Poetry is often more reflective about what occurs and is often confusing for people because it does not reflect a reality that has become quite static for many.
In an article by Brian Swimme he writes that we start with assumptions such as that “humans are consumers” as opposed to others such as “humans being the universe”. The reality is that we are created out of material from the universe. We are made of star-dust and we are more deeply connected to each other, to other beings, the planet and the universe than we perceive and define ourselves to be. All of those limited underlying assumptions that objectify us short-circuit us. We end up becoming what we have defined ourselves to be.

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