5 thoughts on “Soaking Up the Sun

    1. I think that this is good advice Hariod Thank You. My organising seems to go in bursts. I did a lot to set myself up with the gallery in Toronto but I have not been thinking in terms of selling my work when I post on my blog site. Im not very good at that part of it. It some ways I get a little anxious when people inquire about purchasing because I haven`t got the slightest idea of how to price it.
      I have finished your book. I will probably go through it again. I really appreciated the way that you have framed and defined concepts. Your writing is quite descriptive and especially relevant in doing so. It does take some work and it also stimulates contemplative exploration at the same time. You talk about it at points but what do you think of creativity as it relates to presence.


      1. “What do you think of creativity as it relates to presence?”

        It’s a big subject Gord, though perhaps one best tackled here by yourself as both an artist and practitioner of presence. I would be most interested to hear what you have to say on the subject if ever you felt inclined to tackle it.


      2. The short answer would be that it is our nature, it is openess, and in letting go of the ego it will manifest. The more that I am in presence the less I am consumed by worry and other distractions. I was told at one point by a PHD at 40 years of age that I should get serious about my art because creativity dies as we become older. I have found it to be the oposite.
        I guess we need the ego to create but a deeply conditioned ego is not creative. An ego influenced by being is overflowing with creativity at all ages. When I talk about creativity I am referring more to a general way of being creative.


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