Awareness With Presence

It is quite beneficial in meditation to become aware of the distinction between awareness and presence. Hariod Brawn provides an excellent description of this in his book, “The Sway of Contentedness”.  If we learn to keep our mind quiet through meditation, to just stay present with our feelings, to connect with our heart, to let go of the story lines, and to directly feel all the unpleasant sensations associated with our emotional hurts, then the heart will open and we can approach each situation from a wider perspective.
A shift away from being absorbed as the self of, and in a dualistic world occurs in the  process of coming in to presence. A more concentrated awareness that is focused on sensations arising from the world and/or ones body (objects) is experienced by You the perceiver (subject) and is often an initial step. At some point in moving into presence there is a dropping of self referencing and the subject – object experience. In presence we experience a seemless absorption where our conditioned perceptions drop away and the conceptual understanding that we have utilized in our way of negotiating the world is no longer relevant. This state of presence is fundamental in developing an experiential realisation of the relativity of our perceptual, cultural and knowledge based existence. None of these means of negotiating life is absolute and when we remain fixed and inflexible in our efforts to relate to an experience outside of what we have come to know to be truth in our dualistic life it is most likely that we are locked in conditioned perceptions.
Moving into presence in meditation helps me to move through knots and blocks that inevitably arise as I open and move out of my old identification and attachments. When I return to our dualistic world I am changed by that experience of presence and in turn the change in perceptions that occur as a part of it.

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