The Challenge

I listened to  Craig Hamilton today on the “Beyond Awakenings” net program. He commented  that “humans are not organically designed to see in large ways, that we are wired to see in small pictures” and that  “It is so easy to become a specialist today and to be comfortable in our small local context.” He added that “this small localized mind is not equipped to attend to contemporary global issues. Our cultures reflect that in their being caught in a consensus trance that is not able to address issues from a larger perspective.”

There is truth that this is the state of human thinking today. Is it possible for human thinking to include a more larger envisioning than our own self fixated experience allows for.  Maybe it is not so much that we are organically wired but that our conditioning contributes to us remaining limited. The development of the mind from an evolutionary perspective is not limited to a dualistic perspective. For whatever reason human kind has come to rely on a fragmented perception which however useful it has been in ensuring survival of the species it is limited in its scope of comprehending especially in a more holistic way. I have heard it questioned, “how we can expect to know the origins of the universe from a cognitive process that perceives in fragments and as such is limited to pieces” . It is quite possible  that if there is such a thing as an origin of the universe it is a part of a dynamic that involves a more whole envisioning.

The reality  is that humans  face a challenge if they are to embrace the full capacity of the mind. That is to move beyond our conditioned ways that in their localization are dualistic and mechanical in what they permit us to perceive. Too often we turn to a the divided ego to understand our experience. To allow the ego to be more directly influenced by the more vast, dynamic and fundamental aspect of our being,  and a more authentic perception that this brings is the challenge.


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