Heart and Mind Inseparable

Over the past one hundred years a number of insightful individuals  have been greatly influential in their sharing of their cosmological insights into the nature of  the universe, man and existence. I am inspired by the Ontological visions of Sri Aurobindo, Teilhard Chardin and John Gebser and I share  with them many of their notions.

Beyond conventional scientific explanations I feel intuitively that there is something that is evolving in this existence that we are a part of, inseparable from and in our human form we are perhaps on the forefront of the unfolding of it. As I open to this essence,   through a meditative and contemplative way of life,  thoughts that arise  are influenced by that something that is more intuitive and open to a greater envisioning, so I would like to hope.  I feel that expression of that experience is a very natural and functional process and that there is much merit in attempting to work out conceptual understanding and sharing. The key for me is to understand through awareness this process in oneself and the nature of language and expression and through a  contemplative way  we can come to distinguish between the truth of a more direct experience and our attachment to conceptual influences.

There is  a dualistic aspect to our existence but to see our grounding in something more formless is essential in that process and to that understanding of evolution. Some would refer to the process of  opening the heart as coming back to a more authentic realisation of what we are. The reality is that we have been conditioned in a way that has taken us out of the heart. I use the heart as a metaphor for our humanness, our being and essence. With a greater connection to the heart we are influenced by experiences beyond the reductionist capacity of the mind in its separation and isolation. And that is what has led us down a wild goose chase over the past few thousand years.

I am content in taking the lead and deepening of  my trust in what arises in  presence  but I can’t comprehend  benefit in purposely avoiding the world of form. We have been graciously provided  with a mind and ultimately there is an  interaction between that and the heart and as we come out from behind the veil of the isolation and domineering influence of the modern and post modern mind, and one might add the dominance of a limited masculine understanding, there is something to be benefited from a reunion of the heart and mind. We exist as both the form and the formless and there is a movement and flow and interaction between the two. If we go beyond our habitual and ideological inclinations to a place of silence it can be realised that the conceptual separation does not exist  as we have  perceived it to exist.  This can be realised in many things that we have come to see as separate.

One thought on “Heart and Mind Inseparable

  1. Another excellent and insightful article Gord, for which many thanks. Your words seem spot on to me, and I greatly appreciate the manner in which you convey these abstruse concepts in such a grounded way.


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