The Limitation of Perception

We have originated from something much more vast, wonderful and incomprehensible than what humans in their conditioned ways  can understand yet we are inseparable from what we  have come from. We are the eyes that from what we have come from sees itself and the universe. We are that creative energy itself and it is meant to act through us as part of it.  But in our social and individual development we come to believe in and identify with something much less than that. It is not that we have to change our beliefs to experience the wholeness that we were conceived out of. How it is that we come to believe or not is part of what limits us. It might be more that a deeper seeing is required.Seeing ourselves as a separate self leads to a very selective process of pursuing security and survival for that self. This leads us to the living of  our lives in a futile way,  because,  the  truth is  that there is no such guarantee available. From that place we are limited in our realisation of  a more  comprehensive truth.  It may end up to be more that life and death are of a different essence than we have come to understand through our limited self and its ways. The self,s fixation on life without death is a deeply fragmented understanding and as well the obsession with the extension of life at all cost is a destructive one. Our understanding of death itself may be quite confused. Yet how are we to know this in this way or the way that we will understand?

It may be that there is more wisdom in letting go and in a returning to a more direct experience and intuition of what we are, what we are a part of and not what it is that we are separate from. As long as we perceive ourselves to be separate from that which we are perceiving we will only realise pieces of the puzzle, no matter how sophisticated our philosophy, technology and science become.

It is not that we should deny these abilities and skills that have evolved in us for seeing in a more intricate way.  We can come to utilize these gifts for perceiving and seeing in a  more progressive way if we allow what is to flow through us.  Only than will we be able to move in an authentic way towards  being  what we are and not what the human mind has created life and individuals to be,  stuck and influenced by the limitation of  perception of self. in that self it perceives of a universe of  its own  creation not as it is.  –   Gord
Humanized Once More | October 29, 2014
We must realize that modern civilization is thoroughly oriented towards dehumanizing humanity in every possible way; that is to say, we are fast turning into robots or statues with no human souls. Our task is to get humanized once more.
– D. T. Suzuki, “Humanized Once More”


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