Culture is a Projection

I have discovered that my personality has formed, beginning in the early days of life, absent of a connection to the source of its essence. The truth is that we can never really be separated from that essence but through our social and psychological conditioning we develop a self-imposed ignorance of what about us is authentic. The forming personality comes to believe in delusions of what the self is.
That point that we remember and reconnect with our origins begins a more wonder filled life experience, realizing the unlimited potential of what we are. It is beyond anything that the encapsulated self-regarding personality can experience.
I don’t perceive this  static form of our conditioned self to be a true reflection of what we are as individuals as I do not perceive a static culture to be an authentic representation. There is an aspect of culture that is a projection of the ways of the collective and the static and the openness that is of that collective.. There is a dynamic that is a part of the static that is resistant to a natural unfolding and evolving. Some cultures are caught in these more rigid ways than others.
For me there is benefit in distinguishing between these static aspects of culture and the more dynamic evolving aspects of it. It is from a more intuitive reflecting than a scientific debunking that these distinctions are made. From that place I hope to be open and be receptive and encouraging to individuals and through that to the collective and cultures that are their projection.
In silence I look to open beyond that which is static and defended in myself and in turn that which is such in others.

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